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20 February 2011 @ 10:34 am

I can't wait till summer...


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08 January 2011 @ 08:53 pm

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08 January 2011 @ 08:18 pm

First Photoshoot for Falling Skies!!!
I can't wait!

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28 December 2010 @ 10:58 am
It looks some folks couldn't watch the NY post trailer.
Here you are the you tube trailer.

27 December 2010 @ 09:04 pm

20 November 2010 @ 08:29 pm
3 clips from "Queen of the Lot". Great acting by Noah.

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02 November 2010 @ 02:09 pm
About Queen of the Lot :
An electronic ankle bracelet and being under house arrest isn't about to stop up-and-coming actress Maggie Chase (Tanna Frederick) from the two things she craves the most: real fame and true love. With more "Google points" than her Iowa hometown, but far less than Angelina Jolie, Maggie is desperate to claw her way off the B-list of action/adventure pictures and into major movie stardom. With a team of handlers (Ron Vignone, Diane Salinger, David Proval and Zack Norman) to spin her recent drunk driving arrests into tabloid gold and bad-boy movie star boyfriend Dov Lambert (Christopher Rydell) on her arm, Maggie's star is on the rise. Things get complicated when a trip home to meet Dov's legendary family introduces Maggie to the world of Hollywood Royalty (Kathryn Crosby, Mary Crosby, Peter Bogdanovich, Dennis Christopher and Jack Heller) and to her boyfriend's brother Aaron Lambert (Noah Wyle), the black sheep of the family, a failed writer who can actually see who Maggie really is behind her ingénue facade, but who has dark secrets of his own...